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I found a perfect cartoon faceclaim for Hild - it's Asami Sato from Legend of Korra.

Ha, I’ve definitely considered it! She’s got the hair for it, doesn’t she? She’s a little young looking, though, and has gold/hazel eyes instead of silver.

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I’m sorry, lass, but I’ve got important things to attend to. We’ll talk later. 

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Oh, poor thing..(


Praise Talos.

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Cicero shook his head before realizing she likely couldn't see it. "No, no everything is fine!" he assured her quickly. "I...I just..." He swallowed and sat down on the edge of her bed, swiping off his hat and twisting it between his hands. "Cicero n-needed to see you, is all," he said quietly, feeling nearly embarrassed for his own frailty. "I probably shouldn't have come," he mumbled softly, knowing she was likely busy and didn't need him as an added stress. ~tcc

"…oh," Hild replied simply, relaxing once more. She glanced down at the hat in his hands and slowly smiled a resigned, affectionate smile.

"Well, come on in, then," she said, laying back down and patting the blankets next to her. "Get undressed and get comfortable. I was missing your arms around me anyway." 

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The wind howled through the empty streets of Riften and flurries of snow fluttered to the ground. Guards were shivering at their posts, huddled in corners and alleys away from the wind. A shadow moved in the silent night and the door of Honeyside opened and shut quickly. A hand gently covered Hild's mouth while another shook her shoulder. "I can’t stay, I know that," Cicero whispered in the darkness, "But Cicero had to s-see you." His eyes were wide and his tone apologetic. ~tcc

She woke up with a start, immediately awake, and her hand curled around the dagger she hid under her pillow. It was his eyes that made her stop, the fiery, wide eyes that could only ever belong to one man.

Sighing as the tension left her body, she slowly sat up, pushing her hair from her eyes. “Cicero…what is it? What are you doing here?” She frowned, suddenly worried. 

"Did something happen at the Sanctuary?"

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boleighbella said: I’m so sorry, I just had to! I figure Aura would make her move before Hild and lead to a bit of confusion and tension for a while in their AU timeline.

No, I like it! Hild is so socially stunted and emotionally awkward at this age that it would take someone snapping Cicero up first for her to realize how her feelings had changed from childhood friend to love. :3

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The young assassin looked across at Hild. For so long, they'd been partners, always there for each other, for nearly as long as he could remember. But ever since she joined the Sanctuary in Bruma with him, their relationship had been tense, ever since a Dunmer... caught his attention. ""What’s wrong with you?”" he hissed softly, absently playing with a lock of hair. "I don't even understand why you're acting so strange lately!" As always, his first reaction was defense. ~tcc

She kept her eyes on the archery target ahead of her, jaw tight, and let loose another arrow. It connected, but not nearly close enough to the center for her to be satisfied by the result.

"Nothing’s wrong," Hild said flatly, quietly, and avoided looking at Cicero. In truth, she didn’t know what was wrong with her. Anytime she happened to catch sight of him with that pretty little Sister, her stomach would twist and she would silently but insistently put herself near them so they wouldn’t have time alone. She didn’t trust her, didn’t like the way she looked at him, and she downright hated the fact that Cicero suddenly wanted some time away from Hild.

Hadn’t they always been together? When tragedy struck his family, they only had each other. She had been his constant shadow, quiet and tall and dark, protecting him as he protected her. Where he went, so did Hild.

But their world was opening up now, and the Family had given the two teens exactly what they’d been missing for so long. Only now, it seemed like Cicero’s new life held no room for her.

She shot another arrow, and this time the tension in her body made it fly way off target. Dropping the bow in disgust, Hild turned and walked out of the training room without a word.

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Strong arms ensnared Hild's waist from behind and Cicero chuckled by her ear, his voice husky from sleep. "Lets just have a lazy day," he suggested, pressing his lips to her hair and then her neck. "Please," he added, a long, pleading whine of entreaty. ~tcc

"It’s like you don’t even know me," Hild said dryly, eyes still closed as she smirked against her pillow. She turned in his arms, yawning, and nuzzled at his cheek with her nose.

"…but you do make a compelling argument," she added as her hands traced the shape of his bicep.

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